Our mission is straightforward. We use our professional insights, experience and expertise to help your agency identify and side-step communications pitfalls before they escalate out of control. And, we can help you streamline cumbersome, often inefficient internal policies and procedures that undercut the viability of your public safety mission.

John McGinnessPresident and former Sacramento County, CA Sheriff John McGinness led one of our Nation's largest law enforcement agencies. He is widely recognized as an exceptional leader in building both media relations as well as personal and professional alliances anchored in a reciprocity of trust that has stood the test of time.

Sheriff McGinness holds a graduate degree in Emergency Services Administration and has lectured and taught extensively in the field, always with an emphasis on proactive problem solving in the interest of planning and early resolution of potentially damaging, and sometimes volatile, situations.

Following a distinguished law enforcement career with Sacramento County, Sheriff McGinness remains a highly regarded public figure, hosting his own daily show on the regions top-rated talk radio station, Newstalk 1530 KFBK, focusing on a wide array of public interest topics and political analysis. He knows and understands the people end of business, having honed his ability to spot and resolve issues, through an artful and effective blend of empathy and insights.

John McGinnessAssociate Lee Dean, Inspector General Ret. for the County of Sacramento, California is a highly respected professional known for his ability to effectively intervene in matters of public, private, and organizational conflict.

As an attorney and member of the State Bar, he completed conflict management certification through the University of California at Riverside, encompassing multi-dimensional curriculum focusing on negotiation, facilitation, mediation, arbitration, and designing dispute resolution programs for the workplace.

He is a certified police auditor, and as Chief of Police in the central and southern California cities of Vacaville and San Bernardino, has gained extensive expertise in mitigating collateral risks and unchecked costs stemming from unresolved conflict. He brings to the table a wealth of experience in collaborative problem solving through a balanced approach targeting the heart of the matter.


At McGinness Solutions, our top priority is to ensure that our clients receive a continuum of superior, personalized service. This commitment to you is both the cornerstone of our philosophy and the measure of our success.

Our client's trust is a fiduciary bond, and wholeness of character our most important currency. Confidentiality and respect for individual human dignity are the foundation for everything we do.

Our single-minded aim is to attain results that mirror your needs and to employ preemptive strategies to help ensure durable resolution when difficult, sometimes long-standing obstacles stand in your path.

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